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81127 Walker Catalytic Converter Rear Driver or Passenger Side New for Chevy 325

81127 Walker Catalytic Converter Rear Driver or Passenger Side New for Chevy 325

81127 Walker Catalytic Converter Rear Driver or Passenger Side New for Chevy 325    81127 Walker Catalytic Converter Rear Driver or Passenger Side New for Chevy 325

81127 Walker Catalytic Converter Rear Driver or Passenger Side New for Chevy 325. WALKER - OE REPLACEMENT CATALYTIC CONVERTERS (50-STATE LEGAL) Walker's semi-universal catalytic converters feature a top-quality stainless steel design with thicker flanges, oxygen sensor fittings, heat-shielded pipes and structural braces for greater durability.

Established in 1908, Walker is renowned in the automotive aftermarket for manufacturing a full line of exhaust system parts. Strenuously engineered and evaluated to meet EPA requirements. Made with top-quality stainless steel. Can be modified to fit your vehicle.

Equipped with bushings that expand as needed during installation. Brand New in the Box - Fit and Quality Guaranteed! Compatible with the following vehicles. 89-91 100 Base Standard Transaxle.

89 100 E Standard Transaxle. 94 100 (submodel: CS, S) Left or Right. 89-91 100 Quattro Base Standard Transaxle. 94 100 Quattro CS Left or Right. 91 200 Quattro (submodel: 20v, 20v Avant, Avant).

87 528e Base Before 3-87. 75 Apollo (submodel: Base, SR). 80 Century (submodel: Base, Estate, Sport).

81 Century (submodel: Base, Estate, Limited, Sport) Without Air Tube. 89-90 Electra Park Avenue Ultra.

80-81,86-90 Electra (submodel: Limited, Park Avenue). 80-81,83,86-91 LeSabre Limited. 81-82 LeSabre Limited Without Air Tube.

81 LeSabre (submodel: Base, Sport) Without Air Tube. 82 LeSabre (submodel: Custom, Limited Edition F/E) Without Air Tube. 84-87 Regal Grand National Turbocharged. 80 Regal (submodel: Base, Sport). 87 Regal (submodel: GNX, Limited) Turbocharged. 92-93 Roadmaster (submodel: Base, Limited). 75-80 Skyhawk (submodel: Base, S). 80 Skyhawk Designers' Accent Edition. 87 Skyhawk (submodel: Custom, Limited, Sport, T-Type) Turbocharged. 93 Commercial Chassis (submodel: Base, Brougham).

80 DeVille (submodel: Base, Cabriolet, d'Elegance). 80 Eldorado (submodel: Base, Biarritz, Cabriolet). 93 Fleetwood (submodel: Base, Brougham). 81 Camaro (submodel: Berlinetta, Sport, Z28) Without Air Tube. 76-78 Camaro LT Rally Sport.

90-92 Camaro RS Without Air Tube. 92 Camaro RS Heritage Edition Without Air Tube.

82 Camaro (submodel: Berlinetta, Sport, Z28, Z28 Indianapolis 500 Pace Car) VIN H. 81-83 Caprice Classic Without Air Tube. 81-82 Caprice Classic Estate Without Air Tube. 81 Caprice Classic Landau Without Air Tube. 91-92 Caprice (submodel: Base, Classic LTZ). 90 Cavalier Z24 1st Design. 78 Corvette (submodel: Indianapolis 500 Pace Car, Silver Anniversary Edition). 81-83 El Camino (submodel: Base, Conquista, SS) Without Air Tube.

81 El Camino Royal Knight Without Air Tube. 80 Impala (submodel: Base, Sport). 81-83 Impala Base Without Air Tube.

81-82 Impala Estate Without Air Tube. 80 Malibu (submodel: Base, Estate, Sport). 81 Malibu (submodel: Base, Classic Landau) Without Air Tube. 81-83 Malibu Classic Without Air Tube. 80 Monte Carlo (submodel: Landau, Sport). 81-83 Monte Carlo Base Without Air Tube. 83 Monte Carlo CL Without Air Tube. 81 Monte Carlo Landau Without Air Tube. 76-77 Monza (submodel: Towne Coupe, Towne Coupe Cabriolet, Towne Coupe Sport).

76 Monza Towne Coupe Spyder. 79 Cordoba 300 Left or Right.

79 Cordoba Base Left or Right. 77-78 LeBaron (submodel: Base, Medallion). 89-90 LeBaron (submodel: GT, High Line) Turbocharged.

92-93 LeBaron (submodel: Base, LX) Convertible. 79 LeBaron Base Left or Right. 79 LeBaron Medallion Left or Right.

79 LeBaron Salon Left or Right. 79-80,87 New Yorker Base. 79 New Yorker Base Left or Right. 91-93 New Yorker Fifth Avenue. 79 Newport Base Left or Right.

87-88 600 (submodel: Base, SE). 76-77 Aspen (submodel: Custom, Special Edition).

79 Aspen Base Left or Right. 76 Charger (submodel: Base, Sport). 75 Dart (submodel: Custom, Special Edition, Sport 360). 75-76 Dart (submodel: Base, Sport, Swinger, Swinger Special). 87-88 Daytona (submodel: Base, Pacifica, Shelby Z).

87 Daytona Base Without Air Tube. 78 Diplomat (submodel: Base, Medallion, S). 79 Diplomat (submodel: Base, Medallion, Salon) Rear, Left or Right. 87 Lancer (submodel: Base, ES) Turbocharged.

79 Magnum XE Left or Right. 77-78 Monaco (submodel: Base, Brougham, Crestwood). 90-92 Monaco (submodel: ES, LE).

87-88,90 Shadow Base Turbocharged. Regis Base Left or Right, Lower. Regis Base Left or Right, Without Air Tube. 91-93 Stealth (submodel: Base, ES, R/T) Rear, Naturally Aspirated.

88-89 Medallion (submodel: DL, LX). 88-92 Premier (submodel: ES, LX).

75-76 Granada (submodel: Base, Ghia). 75-76 Maverick (submodel: Base, Grabber). 83 Mustang (submodel: GL, GLX, L, Turbo GT) Turbocharged. 75-76 Mustang II Base Left or Right.

75-76 Mustang II Ghia Left or Right. 75-76 Mustang II Mach 1 Left or Right. 92 Probe (submodel: LX, SE) Legal For Use In The States Of California And New York. 80 Caballero (submodel: Base, Diablo, Laredo).

81 Caballero (submodel: Conquista, Royal Knight) Without Air Tube. 81-83 Caballero (submodel: Amarillo, Base, Diablo) Without Air Tube.

81-85 I-Mark (submodel: Base, DLX). 94-95 Miata (submodel: Base, M Edition). 93 400E Base Left or Right. 92 400E Base Rear, Left or Right.

93 400SEL Base Left or Right. 75-76 450SEL Base Left or Right. 92-93 500E Base Left or Right. 93 500SEC Base Left or Right.

92-93 500SEL Base Left or Right. 94 E500 Base Left or Right. 76 Capri Base Left or Right. 84 Capri RS Turbo Turbocharged.

83 Capri (submodel: Base, Black Magic, Crimson Cat, L) Turbocharged. 75-76 Monarch (submodel: Base, Ghia). 91-93 3000GT (submodel: Base, SL) Rear, Naturally Aspirated.

92-94 Expo LRV (submodel: Base, Sport). 84-85 200SX (submodel: Turbo, XE).

75-78 280Z (submodel: 2+2, Base). 80 280ZX (submodel: 2+2 GL, GL). 79-82 310 (submodel: Deluxe, GX).

86,90 Pulsar NX Base. 87-88 Sentra (submodel: Base, E, GXE, SE, XE) FWD. 86-90 98 (submodel: Regency, Regency Brougham). 92-93 Achieva (submodel: S, SL).

80-81 Cutlass (submodel: Brougham, LS) Without Air Tube. 80 Cutlass Base Without Air Tube. 80-81 Cutlass Calais Base Without Air Tube.

88,91 Cutlass Calais (submodel: Base, GT). 88-91 Cutlass Calais (submodel: International, SL). 89-90 Cutlass Ciera (submodel: GT, International).

80-81 Cutlass Cruiser (submodel: Base, Brougham) Without Air Tube. 89-90,93 Cutlass Cruiser Base.

80 Cutlass Salon (submodel: Base, Brougham) Without Air Tube. 80-81 Cutlass Supreme (submodel: Base, Brougham) Without Air Tube. 81 Cutlass Supreme LS Without Air Tube. 80-82,86-89 Delta 88 (submodel: Royale, Royale Brougham).

83-85 Delta 88 (submodel: Royale, Royale Brougham) Without Air Tube. 90-91 Delta 88 (submodel: Royale, Royale Brougham) Left or Right, Lower. 83 Delta 88 Base Without Air Tube. 84 Delta 88 Royale Brougham LS Without Air Tube.

76-80 Starfire (submodel: GT, SX). 87 Caravelle (submodel: Base, SE) Turbocharged. 88 Caravelle (submodel: Base, SE). 75 Duster (submodel: Base, Custom).

75 Fury (submodel: Custom, Custom Suburban). 75-78 Fury (submodel: Base, Sport, Sport Suburban, Suburban). 75-76 Scamp (submodel: Base, Special). 75 Valiant (submodel: Brougham, Custom, Scamp).

76-77 Volare (submodel: Custom, Premier). 79 Volare Base Left or Right. 75 Astre (submodel: Custom, GT, GT Safari, S, S Safari, SJ, SJ Safari). 75,77 Astre (submodel: Base, Safari).

81 Bonneville (submodel: Base, Brougham) Without Air Tube. 88-91 Bonneville (submodel: SE, SSE). 80,82-83,87 Bonneville Base.

80 Catalina (submodel: Base, Safari). 81 Catalina Base Without Air Tube. 75-80 Firebird (submodel: Esprit, Formula). 81,90-92 Firebird Base Without Air Tube. 81-83 Grand Prix (submodel: Brougham, LJ).

81-83,88-89 Grand Prix Base. 91-93,95 Grand Prix GT. 92-93,95 Grand Prix GTP.

80 LeMans (submodel: Base, Safari). 81 LeMans (submodel: Base, Safari) Without Air Tube.

78-79 Phoenix (submodel: LJ, SJ). 87-89 Sunbird (submodel: GT, SE) Turbocharged. 75 Ventura (submodel: Custom, S). 75-77 Ventura (submodel: Base, SJ).

84-89 911 Carrera Without Air Tube. 89 911 Speedster Without Air Tube.

84-85 911 Base Without Air Tube. 93-94 9000 (submodel: Aero, CD Turbo, CDE Turbo, CS, CS Turbo, CSE Turbo).

93-95 9000 (submodel: CDE, CSE). 88-91 Camry (submodel: DLX, LE). 83 242 (submodel: DL, GLT). 89-90 740 GLE Naturally Aspirated, DOHC Engine. The item "81127 Walker Catalytic Converter Rear Driver or Passenger Side New for Chevy 325" is in sale since Friday, March 13, 2020. This item is in the category "eBay Motors\Parts & Accessories\Car & Truck Parts\Exhaust\Catalytic Converters". The seller is "jcwhitney" and is located in La Salle, Illinois.

This item can be shipped to United States.

  1. Brand: Walker
  2. Certification: CARB
  3. Connection Type: Pipe Connection
  4. Custom Bundle: No
  5. Emissions: 50-State Legal
  6. EO Number: D-182-65
  7. Fitment Type: Direct Replacement
  8. Interchange Part Number: 1995 1994 1993 1992 1991 1990 1989 1988 1987 1986 1985 1984 1983
  9. Manufacturer Part Number: 81127
  10. Outlet Type: Pipe Connection
  11. Part Name: Catalytic Converter
  12. Placement on Vehicle: Driver or Passenger Side Driver Side Rear, Driver or Passenger Si
  13. Restricted States: California
  14. Superseded Part Number: Custom Estate Wagon Special Park Avenue T-Type Park Avenue Ultra
  15. UPC: Does Not Apply
  16. Warranty: 5 Year
  17. Warranty Terms: 5-year or 50,000-mile limited warranty

81127 Walker Catalytic Converter Rear Driver or Passenger Side New for Chevy 325    81127 Walker Catalytic Converter Rear Driver or Passenger Side New for Chevy 325